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Elita Apartment Complex

One of the accommodation options during the treatment in International Clinic of Rehabilitation is residential complex “Elita” located 200 m away from the main rehabilitation building.

Residential Complex “Elita” – is a nine-storey building that was built to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Residential Complex is equipped with two modern elevators, ramps and comfortable porches. There is also big playing room for children and spacious hallways on each floor.  


Guests of our Complex will be pleasantly surprised since the most of apartments offer marvelous views on mountains covered by forests, a big lake or resort city Truskavets.


Apartment types

The Complex has several types of apartments in terms of capacity and living conditions.

1. Economy (with a bathroom for 4 apartments)

One-, two- or multi-person apartments. Although, the bathroom is designed for 4 apartments, each apartment has a washstand. The room also has a TV, plates and dishes (upon request), towels.

Econom room 2

Econom room 4

Econom room 1

Econom room 5

Econom room 6

Econom room 3

2. Multi-person apartment with two rooms (including bathroom in the apartment).

Only multi-person apartments. Separate bathroom with a bath or shower. Fridge available. 

Two rooms apartment 2

Two rooms apartment 3

Two rooms apartment 1

Two rooms apartment 2





Two rooms apartment 4

Two rooms apartment 5

Two rooms apartment 6

3. Standard (including bathroom in the apartment)

One-, two- or multi-person apartments. Bathroom with shower in the apartment. Fridge available. 

Standard 4

Standard 5

Standard 6

Standard 7

Standard 8

Standard 1

Standard 2



You can book three meals a day or only breakfasts. 

Meals 1

Meals 2

Meals 3

Meals 4

Meals 5

Meals 6

In case you haven`t booked meals, you can use kitchen on the third floor where you can cook on your own. Additionally, you will also find there a microwave oven and boiler.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Additional Services

We can also offer an additional bed for adult or a baby cot, changing table, highchair and hairdryer. On the first floor there is a laundry room where you can wash and iron your clothes. Staying at the “Elita” Complex you will be under 24 hour medical supervision.

For more information, please contact us: (03247) 65-202, mobile: (067) 280-13-31, (067) 453-40-52